Red Velvet Durag

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Our Red Velvet Durag has a soft touch luxurious velvet outside. The fabric stretches 4-ways and is breathable. The inside is made of a soft silky fabric that will NOT DAMAGE your hair. Durag Culture collections are all unisex. Our handmade Durags provides a superior quality product. The extra long and wide straps are ideal for more compression and maximum comfort. DuragCulture Velvet Durags are perfect for maintaining impressive waves. Our business is to provide our clients with a comfortable quality fitting Du-rag while offering a variety of top of the line styling for Durag Culture wearers. Contact us for more information we also provide custom Durags.


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Our handmade Red Velvet DuRag is a beautiful high-quality product with fantastic styling. The inside is a soft comfortable silky fabric for maximum comfort. The outside has a tremendous soft to the touch velvet. The extra-long and wide straps are ideal for more compression. Our Velvet DuRags are perfect for maintaining impressive waves. Durag Culture Velvet DuRags are also available in many different styles and colors. Quality is one of the main focuses that we maintain with all of our products. We are based out of Toronto Ontario. Contact us for more information we also provide custom Durags.

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