• Best Mask To Wear

    Best Mask To Wear

    New information is emerging every day on how the new coronavirus spreads and the best ways to protect against COVID-19. The most effective protections include washing your hands frequently with soap and water and practicing physical distancing. The Best Mask To Wear, However, wearing cloth face masks or coverings in public when physical distancing can’t be …

  • 360 waves

    How To Get 360 Waves

    This post will help and teach wavers how to maintain and How To Get 360 Waves. If you want to get or enhance and maintain your 360 waves, first of all, you must start a daily routine. The most important habit you must start is a few brush session throughout the day especially when you just …

  • Velvet Durag


    If you were around back in the late 80’s brushing your hair trying to get waves you would definitely remember wearing a Durag. Of course, back then they only came in two shades black and white. They were not known for the different styles, colors and various fabrics that are available now. The Durags that are popular …

  • How To Tie A Durag

    How To Tie A Durag

    Durags (also spelled, “Du Rag”, Doo Rag” or “Do Rag”) Some like to wear it as fashion statements, and some wear it to keep hair neat, silky, and wavy looking fresh. Tying a Durag is quite easy, depending on the kind of Durag you have. In this article, I’m going to show you one of many ways How To Tie …

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