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Durag Culture

DuRag Culture is not only a Du-rag company we are a culture that is changing the whole Durag industry, and styling. We provide the best quality Durags out there while leading the DuRag fashions. We take a lot of pride in our various Du-rag collections. Quality is number one. our products are built to last and fit your head with comfort.

Our business started when I bought a velvet Durag online that was overpriced and poorly built. Fortunately, A close family member of mine is a talented seamstress, not only she repaired it.  she gave it a whole new look and feel that was unlike any DuRag I’ve worn prior. That sparked a conversation around building a better product at a more reasonable price than the one I bought.  This is how DuRag Culture was started.

Contact Us

Telephone: 674-992-4783

30 Hanson Rd Mississauga, Canada

Our Team

  • Malachi-Blue-durag


    Founder & CEO

  • Indee-about-Pic


    Creative Director

  • tre-red-durag



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